About Nectar

The Oil -

Founded by a small team of dedicated entrepreneurs in Washington State with combined decades of experience in chemistry, horticulture and technology, Nectar Craft creates the cleanest, safest, and highest quality enriched cannabis extracts available today. Our oil is produced for the Washington i502 recreational market by Circanna in the SODO district of downtown Seattle and is available from the best retailers in the state.

Nectar designs its offerings for the discerning cannabis consumer. You won’t find any glycol, glycerin, chemical additives or artificial flavors here; our small batch, whole plant, strain specific oils preserve the naturally occurring terpenes so you can taste and experience the plant. Since we use locally sourced cannabis grown with organic methods and COto extract our oils, there are zero residual contaminants in our products.

Nectar pen

The Hardware - 

Nectar cartridges are made from stainless steel and Pyrex glass for unsurpassed durability, reliability and an exceptional user experience. No plastics or potentially toxic glues here to contaminate your oil. These can be refilled up to ten times to prevent waste. 

Nectar batteries feature dual coil technology and are CE and ROHS certified. They are voltage regulated to ensure a consistent, quality experience every time.

Custom co-branding and inscriptions are available for orders of 250 units and above, with a couple weeks of lead time.

Due to current federal law, any of our products containing more than .3% THC must be made and sold in states where it is legal, so only hardware and accessories are currently available for sale online in our store. Our THC containing extractions are made by our partners and are available in Washington State and soon in other states near you!

If you are interested in licensing Nectar Craft oils in your state or have other inquiries, contact info@nectarcraftoils.com.